Thursday, March 10, 2011

wow, what a start

morning: get to work, grandpa is having bff day today, his friends are 90 and 94 years old oh and his girlfriend too. he's very excited. so excited that the man who takes over 20 pills a day to keep him alive, wants a drink. he even plans out his fucking drinks. what time he would like to have one "ya know one at 12:30pm  then eat lunch and one more with dessert." fuck. I SHOULD NOT BE FUCKING INVOLVED WITH THIS KIND OF SHIT! i'm his granddaughter. not his bartender or his bitch. fucking far from it.
it is far from the fact that i hate alcohol and will be sick every time i see it. fuck i don't even know how to spell the word achol. hahaha. i'm his granddaughter. i'm not suppose to see my grandfather get drunk and almost kill himself from all of the medication he takes mixed in.

i'm going to be sick.

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