Wednesday, March 2, 2011

last night.

we go out. having fun. talking about abortion and donkey dicks. well eventually everyone leaves and its just me and him. within the first ten mins of us being alone he said to me, 'i have to kiss you' and, he found out that i am an amazing kisser. and the tongue rings help too. and to my surprise he is a good kisser as well. i have a fetish for kissing. major kisser right here. so the night moves on still at the bar. its last call. and we decide to go reek some havoc, but before any chaos could happen, we had to take care of the fact that both of us wanted to ravish each other. hahaha i felt like i was 16 again and we were sneaking around in the middle of the night.

yes, i do like him but i don't know how he feels. i am very laid back when it comes to the relationship part but when the fucking comes around i am all control.
i don't know what the fuck this is going to be all i know is that he's a good fuck and he'd make a good boyfriend as long as he doesn't cheat on me. then its hard candy time.
i think it is far too soon to even judge what is going on between us. although i thought it was quite funny that we both liked each other in high school although i don't think he remembers me that well back then. for christ's sake he thought i graduated with him. kind of sad. and i'm a year younger than him.

i like him. ugh. why. blah.

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